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  1. Ares

    EFT honest review

    Thanks for your review! 🙂
  2. The photo you have uploaded is unreadable, you will need to re-apply with a proper verification photo.
  3. Greetings, We are happy to announce another system which will reward all people being active on our forum. Earn points for every interaction you do on our forum, each thing you do is specifically calculated and has a value! Here is a chart on how everything is calculated: We introduced this feature because we want our members to be involved in discussions and our forum overall, to reward engagement and loyalty, we created this opportunity for our members to get our products by earning it. Over time as you accumulate points you can then redeem them via your profile. Each point you earn holds its own value in our system as described below: Redeemed points will be directly linked to your store account which then can be used in the checkout of any product we offer in our store.
  4. Thanks for your review! 🙂
  5. No there won't be any lifetime options. We are working on other releases, but first we will get our PUBG hack back online.
  6. That is depending on the payment method you choose, using the instore payment option BTC will require 1 confirmation by the bitcoin network which is usually done in 30-60 minutes.
  7. Dear users, We are celebrating our first anniversary today and to celebrate, there will be 30% discount on ALL products in our store from October 7, 2021 to October 10, 2021 with the coupon "1ST-ANNIVERSARY". Have fun!
  8. The verification process may take up to 24 hours to complete.
  9. We will announce when there are open slots again, note that only verified members will be able to purchase this software. More information can be found here:
  10. Greetings, Since we have to ensure maximum quality standards, we require everyone who wants to buy a product from sputn1k to be a verified member, the required verification can be requested at https://sputn1k.xyz/settings/verification/ the processing time is usually 24-48 hours. This verification is required in order to be a verified member which then can access our store and private softwares.
  11. Ares

    EFT Update

    Reworked Fraction ESP (bosses will be red, raiders and cultists orange, normal scavs and sniper scavs yellow) Added suspicious filtering option (will draw the player red if their KDR is above 10 and their HSR above 75%) Reworked Item ESP / Crates ESP : Added min. price slider which uses the average 24h tarkov-market price. Reworked Juicy Loot Filter (able to define your own price range within a slider + able to show juicy only also juicy items will be red instead of cyan) Added Corpse ESP Fixed Grenade ESP Fixed an issue with the stream-safe mode not working on some systems.
  12. Thanks for your review! 🙂
  13. Usually 30-60 minutes depending on the fees used.
  14. Thanks for your review! 🙂
  15. Ares

    EFT Update

    Added Grenade ESP Added Health ESP Added Level ESP Added KD Rate ESP Added HS Rate ESP Added No Shake Added Magic bullets (allows to shoot through walls) Added local Information (will show information regarding the current connected client)
  16. Thanks for your review! 🙂
  17. Ares

    PUBG review

    Thanks for your review! 🙂
  18. It just got confirmed by the time you wrote the thread, welcome.
  19. Greetings, Users will be able to obtain a referral link here: https://sputn1k.xyz/settings/referrals/ to earn commission on sales made by customers they refer. If the person who was referred has made one purchase then the referrer will receive a Commission of 15% to his account balance. If the referrer has made atleast one purchase before and the person who was referred has made one purchase then the referrer will receive a Commission of 20% to his account balance. You can use this credit against purchases or renewals in our store. Best regards.
  20. Thanks for your review! 🙂
  21. We already have sale partners around the globe, we do not give out monopolized status. Denied.
  22. Thanks for your review! 🙂
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