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  1. gnj4

    EFT honest review

    I have been using sputn1k for 1 week now and unlike with other provider I can finally level up to 69 for kappa and dont always get told its your fault manual ban BIG THANKS TO SPUTN1K! I've been using Sputn1k for a few days now and I'm really positively surprised that I don't get a ban despite 44kd with other providers I was always told that I should be blamed for the bans but in retrospect these providers were probably not so safe with sputn1k I am despite 44kd continue to level every day closer on the way to kappa container i thank the whole team very much you have one more loyal customer!
  2. Hello is it possible to order a lifetime slot and what other cheats are planned to this time if any?
  3. I understood thank you very much
  4. Hey! How long does it need to receive the cheat after a payment?
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